If life is the struggle to create and maintain order out of disorder because entropy demands it, then aren’t we all born builders, to some degree, by default? It seems like the natural world requires us to be.

Abundance and achievement, what I refer to as human progress, seems to be maximized in a system that prioritizes cooperation over coercion. Value can be created both ways, but human progress is best achieved in a system of individual freedom and voluntary exchange. I’m still chewing on the real, nontrivial, ambitious work definition and how it relates to opportunity costs and subjective value.

Really appreciate the work you’re doing!

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Mar 1, 2022Liked by Dr. Gena Gorlin

"Self-Made Man", a sculpture by Bobbie Carlyle, would be a good picture for your site. She has a web site.

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Awesome! Love your thinking, your approach.

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